About Laos

In the heart of Southeast Asia, Laos is a beautiful, culturally rich country.  Find out more about the country here:


Laos is located in the center of Southeast Asia and is landlocked by China, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. It is between east longitudes of 100 and 108 degree, and north latitudes of 14 and 23 degree with the total area 236,800 km2. Apart of Mekong river plain, along the border of Thailand, the country is mountainous, particularly in the north and densely forest in places. There are 17 provinces; one capital is Vientiane, also 148 districts and 8,514 villages


Laos’s time zone is seven hours ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or it is same as Thailand time too


There are 6,758,353 people (information 2016), it is include 49 minorities beside they divide to 3 big main tribes as Lao Lum is Lao lowlander tribe, Lao Tueng is Lao middle land tribe or slope land and Lao Sung is higher land tribe. Also divide to 4 languages as Lao-Tia, Mon-Khmer, Hmong and Chinese – Yunnan but the social working language is Lao lowlander. Another language are English, French and other various ethnic language


Laos is communist state, gaining independence in 1975. The currently head of state is President Lt Gen. Buonnyang VORACHIT and head of government is Prime Minister Thongloun SYSULITH from 2016


Electricity is 230V, 50Hz with flat blade and two round pin plugs


IDD is available in the Laos. The country code is +856


Buddhism 67% is the primary religion. The Lao Lum (valley Lao) people follow the Hiragana (Theravada) form of Buddhism. The religion of Lao Teung and Hmong is range from traditional Confucianism to animism and few Christianity.


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